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  • Women's bracelet

    14k Diamond and Ruby Bangle

  • Sale! 22k Gold And Diamond Bracelet

    14k Diamond Wrap-Around Flexible Bangles

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  • 18kt Diamond Bangles 7.25ctw (Pair)

  • 18kt Diamond Bangles 7.61ctw (Pair)

  • 18kt Diamond Bangles(Pair)

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  • 18kt Diamond Cluster Bangle (Pair)

  • 22K Indian Jewelry

    22k “Greek” Pattern Bangles

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  • Gold Bangles - Indian Jewelry

    22k Au Fina Bangles with Rhodium-Pair

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  • Gold Bangles - Indian Jewelry

    22k Au Fina Leaf Motif Bangles

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  • Indian Jewelry

    22k Bangles with Enamel

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  • Indian Gold Bangles

    22k Bangles with Rhodium Au Fina- Set of 2

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  • 22k Dubai Bangles w/ Rhodium

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Do you ever take one look in the mirror and feel like there’s something missing when you get dressed for a new day? A brunch? A dinner party? Do you ever feel the need for a tiny boost when you’re going out to celebrate a new milestone in your life? Or maybe nothing is really missing, but all you really want is to change things up? Maybe what you need is a 22kt Indian gold bangle from Gold City Jewelers to spice up your look. A sturdy, simple gold bangle can easily take you from day to night. After all, gold may even hold significance in your culture and you’re looking for some good fortune to come to you.

Gold City Jewelers offers a selection of bangles in gold that give you just the right reminder to celebrate yourself everyday – there’s no better way to look as great as you feel! Highlight the lightness of a kurtis with a traditional antique finish Indian gold bangle – there’s something about the contrast of strong, embedded floral patterns and precious stones on an antique finish bangle that instantly elevates even the most casual of looks. Complement a colorful tunic with a simple gold bangle, and that simple gold bangle is sure to double the flair of your outfit. Textured pieces of kada bangle designs in gold, on the other hand, bring out the patterns in your sari. Not a lot going on in your dress going to Nana’s? Add a classic, Indian gold bangle that’s sure to catch her eye. There are also unique and colorful stone bangles in gold to pair with your bejeweled shoes and make them pop! Nothing like a stacked 22kt gold bangle to give your ensemble a luxurious finish. You can even take a stacked 22kt gold bangle a step further by adding another much thicker piece to adorn your wrist. At the end of the day, the perfect Indian gold bangle for you is one that reflects the prosperity in you.

Gold City Jewelers carries a variety of 22kt gold bangles and certified diamonds within Washington, DC. Gold City Jewelers is the best store for luxury South Asian and Indian 22kt gold, diamond jewelry, and we carry a wide range of traditional, antique, and modern fine jewelry for men and women.

Even better, Gold City Jewelers also offers to create custom design pieces to fit your needs. Give us a call at 301-838-8888 or book an appointment for a viewing today!